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13 Octoberl, 2017

2017 Contemporary Violin Makers Exhibition

As always, I'm making one instrument after another. Although this What's New section is stale, I've been constantly making and selling my instruments.

My most recent violin and viola are in the 2017 Contemporary Violin Makers Exhibition in New York put on by Julie Reed-Yeboah and Yi-Ping Yang of Reed Yeboah Fine Violins, New York. The Exhibition is hosted from 10am to 6pm on October 14-16th at the Kosciuszko Foundation – 15 East 65th Street, New York. Both of my instruments are available to see and audition and are for sale. As long as the link is valid, a short bio and photos of the violin can be seen on my listing at the Exhibition website.

22 January, 2015
I keep plugging along building violins. At the moment, I'm finishing the varnish work on a Guarneri, del Gesu model violin inspired by the Plowen from 1735. The body length of this violin is slightly shorter than del Gesu's later work. The model has proven to be a successful instrument for me. It's similar in size to the "petite" model I used to make, but this one is much more faithful to the original. This instrument will be available in early March, 2015.
I've begun construction on a new model based on well regarded geometrical methods. The initial mold (which the rib structure is built upon) was given to about 40 violin makers at the Oberlin Violin Making Workshop in June 2014. Although the resulting shape of the mold is nearly indistinguishable from the Guarneri, del Gesu pattern, it will be interesting to see the character of the violins many of us come up with when we return to Oberlin in 2015 to share our work.

2 June, 2014
Claire Curtis reports on recent changes in regulations concerning ivory and other banned wildlife products as they relate to musical instruments and bows in her blog. She expands on this in a second article. Violin makers, bow makers, and anyone traveling across boarders may benifit from learning about this complicated subject. - In late May Claire wrote an update to her original postings.

5 February, 2014

Analog 128 is a video taken during the construction of my 128th instrunment. It was captured by Ed Sozinho at Sozinho Imagery & can be seen here or on Vimeo. Steve Creswell is heard on the musical soundtrack playing his own Van Zandt violin.

30 July, 2013
David Kerr Violin Shop, in Portland, Oregon, is offering one of my violins inspired by Antonio Stradivari. This particular instrument speaks quickly, with a clear, powerful voice.

1 July, 2013
I had a wonderful time and learned a great deal while attending the Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop for the past couple of weeks. Over 60 violin makers from around the world came together to share ideas, techniques, tools, and whatever they could, to propel our art and craft. Everyone brought something to the table and we all learned from each other. Here's a link to a 6 minute video taken at the June 2013 Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop.

15 May, 2013
I've added a images of my latest violin to my to my Gallery Page. This, my 126th instrument to date, is modeled after the late period violins of Joseph Guarneri, del Gesu. It is currently being offered through J.S. Holmes Fine Violins.

22 March, 2013
I've added a images of a 16-1/4" Viola in Period set-up inspired by the Alto violas of Andrea Guarneri to my Gallery. A number of images of the details of construction and set-up are included.

28 January, 2013
Updated the Links Page with a notice of the 40th Annual Violin Craftsmanship Institute. Week-long hands-on violin and bow making and repair workshops, sponsored by University of New Hampshire.

3 January, 2013
Updated the tool section on the Supplier's Page with a listing for the Aehnelt Precision Tool Company, makers of a wide range of special tools specifically for instrument makers.

2 January, 2013
Now that Holiday obligations are more or less dealt with, I'm back at the bench fulfilling a commission for a 16-1/4" Baroque Viola. I'm really excited about how it's coming out! Look for images soon.

1 January, 2013
I wish everyone who reads this (and those who don't as well) a Happy, Health and Prosperous New Year... and beyond.

15 November, 2012
Updated the Makers with Homepages Page to include a listing for Bow Maker, Peg Baumgartel.

20 July, 2012
Updated the tool section on the Supplier's Page to include a listing for Knife Maker, John Schmidt.

22 May, 2012
The Availability Page has been updated to include The Amati Violin Shop in Houston Texas as one of the select dealers who represent my work. They currently are offering an example of the Stradivari model violins I make.

4 May, 2012
Updated the Supplier's Page with a listing for Tom Durrant's Luthier's Tools, manufacturer of specialized crack gluing clamps.

28 March, 2012
Updated the Makers with Homepages Page by adding a link to Viola Maker, Gabrielle Kundert-Clements, in Olney, MD

26 March, 2012
Photos of my latest violin. I recently set up a violin inspired by the late period instruments of Joseph Guarneri, del Gesu. This instrument is available through J. S. Holmes Fine Violins in Ann Arbor, MI.

8 March, 2012

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