Photo of David Van Zandt in his workshop

I've been a professional violin maker for over thirty years. My goal is to create violins and violas that will open new possibilities to a musician's existing tools and techniques. The majority of my instruments are purchased by professionals and advanced students requiring an affordable alternative to old master instruments.

Each of my instruments is built from start to finish in my own hand with the finest aged, raw materials. While every instrument I make has it's own voice and unique asthetic differences, all are built to the highest professional standards. I build instruments full-time, and often an instrument is immediately available for audition from me or through one or more fine instrument dealers. I commonly work directly with clients on a commission basis to meet their specific requests. You will find there is no price difference whether purchasing directly from me or from any of the dealers representing my work.

Most of my violins and violas are in the hands of musicians performing with contemporary technique, but I have a special fondness for constructing instruments for baroque and classical period performers as well.

The following is a short video produced by Ed Sozinho and Tegra Stone Nuess filming me during the construction of my 128th instrument, a violin now owned by Tari Nelson-Zagar.

Finger plane tattoo on David Van Zandt's arm

Inquiries about my instruments are welcomed. I can be contacted via e-mail or reached in my Seattle workshop at (206) 478-9603. If I 'm unavailable and you reach my answering machine, please leave your name and the best time to call back.  I will return your call.

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