A 16-5/16" Viola inspired by Andrea Guarneri
Constructed by David T. Van Zandt

This is the latest of many instruments I've constructed inspired by the alto violas of Andrea Guarneri. The strikingly figured poplar used for the back and sides is cut on the slab. This particular instrument is set up for Modern Performance, but this model, when set up properly, also works very well for Period Performance. If you wish to learn more about this viola or about instruments I make for Period Performance Practice please feel free to contact me.

This instrument has been sold.

Front view of a 16-5/16" viola in Modern Setup Back view of a 16-3/16" Viola in Modern Setup
Side viewof a 16-5/16" viola in Modern Setup
Bass F-hole Back C-bout

Front view of scroll Back view of scroll
Side view of scroll

Body Length = 415.5 mm
Mensur = 222 mm
Vibrating String Length = 373 mm

This instrument has been sold.
My instruments are often offered by David Kerr Violin Shop.

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For more information about this and other instruments I make please contact me in my Seattle workshop at (206) 478-9603